Where Is Watch History On TikTok? How To Get It On Phone , PC and IPhone

A growing number of TikTok users have been finding that their previously viewed videos have been moved to a different location than they used to be. As rumours abound that the TikTok watch history feature has been removed, we take a look at how you can access it on your phone and PC, and where you can find it on TikTok.

Fans are pretty confused about how they can keep track of their watch history as it is a feature that has supposedly disappeared from TikTok, which is a much-loved feature on the platform.

There was a really useful feature in the list of your most recently watched videos, which helped a lot when you forgot to like a video and wanted to show it to friends, or just want to watch it again yourself. There was one of the best parts of the app that has vanished from the app, and we are all wondering what happened to it.

Did TikTok Remove Watch History?

Despite the fact that you can still access your previously viewed videos, the watch history feature as we know it has been removed since 2022.

Considering that the feature was something that a large number of fans of the app used a great deal, there is no obvious reason why it was removed. In the past, the watch history used to be found in the settings and was very easy to find. There’s a much harder time finding it now because it’s so hard to locate.

Where Is Watch History On TikTok?

There is still a place to check your watch history in your settings, but now it is in the privacy section.

There are three lines in the top corner of your profile that will take you to your settings, according to Pathofex, and you will need to click on those three lines. On the privacy tab, scroll down and click the ‘personalization and data’ button. If you click on that link, you will be able to download your data onto your device, however, it will take 24 hours for your data to be downloaded.

You will find a folder called ‘Video Browsing History’ once you have downloaded the files, which contains all the videos that have been viewed in your watch history, as well as a date and time for each of them.

You may have to transfer the files to your computer if you experience problems opening the files, so that you can watch them on your computer. However, this method should also work on your computer as well as your phone if you use TikTok.

There is a good chance that you are thinking that this is a really long-winded method for something that used to be really easy to access in the past. You are absolutely right! I completely agree with you. Having the ability to see your watch history on TikTok is a great thing, but that does not bring back the functionality of the feature that was previously available.

The good news is that you are not the only one who thinks that way.

How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on the iPhone App?

In comparison to other social apps, TikTok does not have a button that says “Watch History”. However, there is a way to access your history if you wish to do so. The data file for your account can be requested from TikTok by clicking here. You can find information about your TikTok account in this file, such as your bio, comment history, followers list, login history, likes list, settings, etc.

The information inside the file is related to your TikTok account. The “Video Browsing History” of your account also consists of a list of videos you have viewed, i.e. the list of videos you have watched.

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