Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

Hate people scrolling through your texts and the vulnerability of personal information? Secret messaging apps that look like games are what you need to keep your messages private. The good news is that secret texting app exist for both Android and iOS to keep personal conversations private. Interested by the idea? We’ll tell you more in this blog.

The advantages of secret apps that look like games are that people are least likely to suspect they hold vital or concealed information. This is why people will choose them over conventional undetectable texting apps.

Regardless of what platform you prefer, there are options for Android, iOS, and even both.

Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games for Android & iOS

1) Pushbullet

Currently, Pushbullet has an Android app but not one that caters to iPhone users. Additionally, there are versions that can be used for Microsoft, Windows, or Chrome.

Pro membership is also available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, with lump-sum payments being cheaper. The app has acquired a 4.2-star rating from 188k reviews on the Android play store.

2) Hide My Text

With the logo of what seems to be a dog, there won’t be anyone snooping around this app to retrieve any personal files!

Users can encrypt files with a cipher, and each file cipher can be named to enable tracking of encrypted message access. You will with whom you have shared the decryption ID.

3) Edgeless Chat

This blockchain-based encryption messaging app believes in letting users have power over their data. The Edgeless Chat app leverages the ability to delete texts on both your device and the recipient’s device.

Burn Mode automatically deletes private chats leaving no traceable remnants behind. Also, a ‘Memories’ feature allows for in-built social media visibility. Blockchain technology means that you can securely communicate sensitive details such as banking details and social security numbers without the fear of hacking or identity theft.

4) Secret Messenger- Hide Last Seen

Inconspicuous apps such as the Secret Messenger app are a perfect app for secret texting for people who want to keep messages private! Users who install the app on multiple devices can have messages from other apps in one place.

Cumulatively, users can find messages from all significant communication or social media apps in the Secret Messenger app. The benefits of this are it’s convenient that saves you from having to open each app individually! Another hidden feature is removing blue tick marks in Whatsapp, denoting messages as received and read.

5) Calculator Pro+

The Calculator Pro+ app is a secretive messaging and calling app concealed under a calculator app. The calculator works too, and that makes the app a multi-purpose app. Having this app that performs three purposes at once eliminates the need to have three individual apps.

The app’s hidden and highly efficient features are the private sharing of images, videos, and location details. Plus, the best part is anyone sifting through your phone will never guess the app’s ulterior motive.

6) Stealth Chat

The Stealth Chat app is a secret messaging app that leaves no trace of previous conversations since the chat thread and the recipient’s name are all removed after the user initiates timed destruction, a perfect feature for secret apps that look like games.

Additionally, the Stealth Chat app facilitates the transfer of images regardless of the file type, easily making it one of the best secret messaging apps. This feature is actually one that many other private messaging apps lack altogether.

7) EncryptChat

The recent offering EncryptChat replicates one of those secret apps that appear as gaming messaging app with its cryptic logo. Messages are typically password protected. But if you want enhanced protection, the message itself can be encrypted, making sure only the intended recipient reads it.

Though the app has been recently launched, it has already managed to obtain a rating of 4.4 and is definitely one of the top secret messaging apps to consider using.

8) Signal Private Messenger

I doubt that anyone has never used this app at least once! The Signal app is considered a direct competitor to other private apps such as Whatsapp.

Apart from being a communication app, Signal Private Messenger also doubles up as a private messaging app that likes anything like a messaging app. Everything from texts to images, videos, and voice calls is protected.

All the while, the Signal app ensures that the quality of images and videos does not depreciate while being transmitted.


Upon seeing this app for the first time, anyone may mistake it for a game due to the odd logo! Looking closely at the icons around the biohazard sign may make you think it’s a game or maybe an eCommerce app. But certainly not a private messaging app.

The COASAPP app is indeed a private messaging app but obscured for obvious reasons. In actual fact, the app is, in their words,’ limitless’. The app allows secure peer-to-peer communication to
people looking to:

  • Sell or buy goods
  • Deliver items
  • Hire out a room or other accommodations

10) Confide

The Confide messenger app is the very definition of a secret messaging app. Think of every private messaging feature you could want, add some more, and this is what this app offers. The app offers three subscription offers; basic, plus, and pro: higher the package, the better the features!

Some unique features the Confide app offers are:

  • Screenshot prevention
  • Ephemeral messages (disappearing messages)
  • Message retraction
  • Nicknames
  • Personalized themes
  • Incognito mode
  • Private group or individual messaging

The majority of these features are available on the free version, while more support requires upgrading to the plus or pro membership. This app definitely has all the features of secret apps that look like games have.

11) Secret Messenger

The Secret Messenger is a private chatting platform that applies to anyone regardless of their requirements. Professionals can use the app, scholars, or even ordinary people looking to socialize, and the result is always the same.

The content is end-to-end encrypted with private and confidential conversing by messages or voice calls to ensure unmitigated privacy. Furthermore, the app does not save chat history, a common drawback of other messaging apps.

The crowning achievement of this app is that it fits in the genre of secret messaging apps that look like games.

12) Wire – Secure Messenger

There is a free, enterprise, or even a premium membership available to governments for this app! These numerous options speak mountains about the app! Maybe it is something with the ‘secure hold’ feature that enables the safe perseverance of vital data, which users find so efficient.

  • Independently audited
  • E2EE for calling, messaging, and video conferencing
  • Various deployment methods

Mobile, desktop, and web browsers have several options available, making the wire app a prestigious option as a secret messaging app. The Wire website will let you know what other hidden chat features the app possesses.

13) NetSfere Secure Messaging

The NetSfere Secure Messaging app is vitally a productivity tool for businesses. However, that’s not to say it can’t be used as a secret messaging tool for iPhone users. Despite being available on both the play store and the app store, it is preferred by iPhone users. The developers have even developed an app for apple watch users!

Its similarity with other secret messaging apps is its emphasis on the safety and security of data. Users can converse knowing the app offers deterrence of hacking or unsolicited data use. NetSfere provides a host of products concerned with data protection.

14) Wickr Me

Popular on both the iOS and Android platforms, it has managed to secure ratings of 4.8 and 4.0 from tens of thousands of users. If you are looking for a secret messaging app, you will find it hard to ignore these figures!

Wickr Me is the free version of the Wickr Pro app. End-to-end encryption may not be enough. Also, Wickr Me offers a customizable expiration timer for all your data. Aptly, select hours, days, or custom time frames for data to disappear.

With a total of over 10 million downloads, Wickr Me is a secret texting app that you have to try out to see if it works for you.

15) Element – Secure Messenger

More prevalent on the Google Play store, Element is part of the secret messaging apps that look like games. Besides being a secure messaging app, it effortlessly works as a collaborative tool, linking remote teams. Call it an advanced communication tool.

Another perk of using the Element app is its self-hosted nature, which gives users higher control over their data. This transparency in knowing the safety of your data is a leading reason why you should give the app a try!

16) Session – Private Messenger

The Session Messenger app works by assigning individual chats a decryption code that can be used to decode messages to read them. App registration does not require users to submit a phone number or email address, thus maintaining complete anonymity.

The app is free of ads and trackers and does not collect IP information, meaning data leaks and compromises are impossible. This makes sense as the app is a not-for-profit organization. Plus, the app’s code is open-sourced!

17) Antar Chat

A secret messaging app is not the first thought that comes to mind when you see the Antar app. This gives your messages a better chance of going undetected. This app favors communicating securely. The app’s core concept is based on experimenting with different personas and diving deeper into inner thoughts.

This private chatting app is available offline, and chats will never leave your device without consent. You can download either app on their website.

18) Plato

The Plato platform is definitely one of those secret apps that look like games, and it does offer games, 45 multiplayer games, to be exact! Players can play together and communicate over the Plato app.

Apart from this, the app delivers a means by which users can meet and make new friends. You can play in groups or restrict your communications to a few people only. Either way, nobody will suspect your confidential conversations in the Plato app! The Plato iOS app has an almost perfect score of 4.8 stars.

19) Dust Private Messenger

Co-founded by Mark Cuban, the Dust Messenger app does a lot to help maintain privacy while messaging. A few desirable features that the app offers include:

  • Deleted histories every 24 hours
  • Converting sent messages to unsent
  • Detection and reporting if screenshots are taken

The app is centered around keeping conversations restricted to just the respective participants making it an app that hides messages. Based on the rating score of 4.6 out of 3,700 ratings, the Dust Private Messenger app is one of the top rated secret texting apps for iPhone device users.

Other notable mentions for secret messaging apps are WeChat, Viber, FortKnoxster, Telegram, and Briar. But, these options are most applicable when you want to make it obvious you are hiding something.

But, people know how to bypass these apps by now!


There is a large market for secret texting apps that hide messages and related content. Although there are apps that help accomplish this, they fall short of being perfect!

It is possible to develop secret apps that look like games based on communicating privately without evidence or hacking possibilities. We have listed out the best secret messaging apps for Android and iOS.

But, we know that some apps always fall short of being utterly perfect! Have an idea to develop perfectly secret messaging apps that look like games? If you do, Artoon Solutions will make the best Mobile Game Development Company to partner with and transform your ideas into actual applications.

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